The business culture of today is much more lax in terms of required time in the office than it has ever been. Companies are finding that productivity does not necessarily always stem from being in a cubicle from 9-5. Working remotely often allows for creativity and the ability to think outside of the box that sitting at a desk may not always offer. Professionals who travel are also able to work while they are on trips much more easily than they ever could. No matter what the reason is for you to be working outside of the office, make sure you use these five tools to make your life easier.


This software is great for task management, file sharing, calendar sharing, and group chats. Glip allows users to search those chats at any time, which is a unique and useful feature.


Bring the office with you anywhere, or at least feel like you can with this software. Slack is a highly organized messaging app. Organize conversations based on topics and projects and then prioritize them based on urgency. You can also sync all of your other tools with Slack to receive notifications from other platforms.

Every Time Zone

This website is a great visualization of all time zones on one web page. Keep track of what time it is for any coworker so you can schedule calls and virtual meetings accordingly.


This platform allows you to edit and share documents in real time with your team. Instant collaboration is essential whether you are all working under one roof or are spread out across the world. Mention someone who is needed in the collaboration of the document and they’ll get a notification that will direct them to that document. Quip is compatible with all iOS and Android phones and tables.

LastPass Enterprise

Whether you are working remotely or not, the odds are that you have a plethora of online accounts with varied login information. LastPass allows any user to log in remotely and access those credentials. You can create a portal for each employee, and management has the ability to assign access to each account for increased security.


This is the easiest tool to use when it comes to managing daily tasks. Simply keep track of what you accomplish each day and a comprehensive report will be sent at the end of the day.

As an avid traveler, I am happy to see so many companies developing software to help make working remotely more practical. While I do believe there is a time and a place where everyone on the same team in a company should be in the same room, I also think it is a good idea to get out of the office from time to time and see what it does for your creativity and productivity.