Judd Bagley

Judd Bagley is a technologist, former journalist, and PR professional based in Utah.




About Judd Bagley


juddbagley-com-headshotJudd Bagley is a technologist, former journalist, and PR professional based in Utah. He is the Director of Corporate Communications at InsideSales.com. Judd holds a diverse set of skills, including corporate communications, speech writing, presentation development, technology research and implementation, and multimedia journalism. As the Director of Corporate Communications, he is responsible for overseeing all of the earned media channels controlled by InsideSales.com. He prepares and distributes all public relations communication, and he creates and implements all social media and content marketing initiatives. Judd credits his creativity and ability to think outside of the box for many of his successful marketing campaigns.

Initially interested in a career in medicine, Judd Bagley studied biology at the University of Utah. However, he quickly realized that the medical field did not offer nearly enough opportunities for creative thinking, which is a trait that is part of the core of Judd’s personality. Instead, Judd chose to reorient his career towards journalism, and he took a job as a Florida News Correspondent for Metro Network. While he worked for Metro Network, a nationwide broadcast network, he was responsible for covering and reporting on statewide stories ranging from crime to politics and everything in between.

Judd remained with the company until 1999 when he was hired as a speechwriter for then newly-elected Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush. In this capacity, he acted as a spokesperson for the administration, mainly focusing on issues relating to state-regulated businesses and professions. Judd was able to polish and improve upon his strong public relations writing skills while he was working for Governor Bush, and he was attracted to the challenge of creating compelling speeches during his time there. Judd’s experience with the governor created an opportunity for him to become the Director of Public Affairs for Fusive.com. Judd co-directed web integration projects for the firm, implementing the Jeb Bush Administration’s myFlorida.com initiative.

In 2001, Judd Bagley returned to Utah and began working for one of the state’s largest PR firms, acting as Director of Public Relations for Summit Group Communications. After two years, Judd chose to open his own small PR firm, called Big Idea Communications to capitalize on the skills he learned to that point in his career and utilize his strengths. The firm specialized in public relations, message development, media relations, and strategic communications counseling. Although Judd’s firm was multifaceted, many of its clients sought out his speechwriting services, which he cites as one of his strongest attributes. While with the firm, Judd began experimenting with podcasting as a social media tool, which allowed the company to grow in a new direction; in began gaining more traction, and was eventually sold.

Judd Bagley became fascinated with Bitcoin while he was the Director of Communications Overstock.com. Overstock.com was the first major retailer to accept Bitcoin as a form of currency for all transactions. During his time at Overstock, Judd researched the cryptocurrency and its benefits. He quickly became regarded as a thought leader in the Bitcoin community and began speaking and writing about the topic. Judd has been featured on many panels and conferences revolving around Bitcoin and how to integrate it into modern business. Visit Judd’s website where he shares his expertise on Bitcoin and Big Data.

 Judd Bagley: Seeking Life’s Adventures

Outside of work, Judd is an avid traveler who enjoys discovering new places within and outside of the United States. Judd holds a unique travel philosophy that he adopted after discovering Eric Fisher’s project on locals and tourists. Instead of visiting the most popular tourist destinations when he visits a new city; Judd ventures off of the beaten path to find the places, eateries, and shops that are most visited by the local residents in each place. By visiting local destinations and speaking with the people who live there, Judd is able to experience the true culture of a place while avoiding heavy crowds and less-than-authentic experiences. Judd’s “local travel” philosophy has allowed him to be part of the culture in any city he visits across the world, and these genuine experiences are what inspires Judd to visit new places.  He is constantly searching for new, exciting experiences that you cannot find in a travel guide or website. You can keep up with Judd’s latest discoveries on his travel website where he frequently blogs about the places he’s recently visited.

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